Caterpillar Multipurpose Grease

CAT Multipurpose Grease

For low-load and low-speed applications

Recommended Use

• Cat Multipurpose Grease is recommended for use in low-load, low-speed applications and ambient temperatures ranging from -30° to 40°C (-22° to 104°F).

Discover the Difference

• Reduced Component Wear - Resists softening and protects parts from wear.
• Corrosion Protection - Resists oxidation and protects metal against rust. Will not corrode or damage steel, copper bearing alloys or conventional seal materials.
• Excellent General Purpose - Lithium complex grease for applications where load, speed, temperature and moisture conditions are low.

Part Numbers

1P-0808, 324-8141, 129-1950, 129-1919, 324-8142, 7X-7664, 9X-6488, 7X-7665, 324-8143, 129-1921

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